Teaching, school, growth, inclusion and communication

Felicitous and DidaBoard: multimodal software for Autism, Specific Learning Disorders, Special Educational needs, communication and neuro-cognitive disorders


To be used at school, at home or on holiday.

Both for families and individuals as well as for speech therapists, psychomotricists, pedagogists or psycho-pedagogists, educators, centres and professionals of neurodevelopmental pathologies.

Italian Medical device compensatory aid software: Rep. 2147384/R – CND Y214224 – GMDN 30911

The first one software so complete: for educational and communication purpose


And more installations and users


And more shared customised contents


And more types of usages

Insegnare la scrittura
Memory e sviluppo della memoria
Leggere l'ora
Schede comunicazione dinamiche
Calendario e compiti
Installazione Felicitous
Matematica e regoli
Gestione dei soldi e spesa
DSA: Disgrafia
DSA: Discalculia
Token Economy e Autismo
Matematica e divisioni
Numeri e moltiplicazioni
Matematica e sottrazioni

With Felicitous and DidaBoard you will be able to exploit every little interest of the person who will use this technology, accompanying them at all stages of their growth, inclusion and development.

There is no minimum or maximum age, nor are there any basic skills required to use our software.

With Felicitous and DidaBoard, you can also learn thanks to the countless play cards based on freehand colouring and drawing, communicating by playing with robots and many other communicative-didactic cards.

All the teaching sheets can be customised and created according to the needs of the person who will use them in his or her training and therapy.

With Felicitous and DidaBoard you will have an all-round functional communication environment.

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