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No basic skills needed, no age limit!

Felicitous and DidaBoard have no minimum age and max age limit,, they do not require specific basic skills to be able to use them.

Who can use Felicitous and DidaBoard?

What are destinations and areas of intervention?

How to request it?

How much is it?

Where can it be used?

Can it be requested through italian ULSS, ASL and ATS?

Do I need a prescription from the specialist doctor (neuropsychiatrist)?

Where to buy?  Have you also a tablet?

How do I use Robots?

How do I receive support?

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How to install Felicitous?

Felicitous and DidaBoard installation is very simple, it requires just one click, no more!.

After downloading the installer, simply click on the cloud icon of the installation utility and wait for the setup to complete.

You can find the installer in the menu at the top under “Downloads & Co.”

installer felicitous
installer felicitous
installer felicitous

There is a minimum age or skills already acquired required to be able to use it?

Absolutely not, there is no minimum requirement or basic skill to use Felicitous or DidaBoard.

When we  designed this software, there was a constant memory in us: when we were little, failures were far more frequent than successes.

Learning to walk you slammed everywhere, you lost your balance and you fell, you cried because you could not complete a game or a construction (maybe this did not come out as we had imagined) …

But we continued to move forward, to try and improve even when we made mistakes.

With our software the discourse is identical: you can also start from elementary playful-didactic cards, and then make them more challenging with the passage of time and the achievement of the objectives of each intervention plan.

A child, when approaching drawing for the first time, creates works that are initially incomprehensible, but that for him are the exact copy of what is present in his mind.

The child is not wrong, not even in his first drawing that only he would be able to decipher.

Over time then, with the teachings and corrections, learning to control the hatches, manage the colors and shapes, acquiring that information that allows him to understand how a tree is made, what is the difference between cat and dog, between man and woman his drawing will become more and more precise and detailed.

Our answers to the most common questions

Have a question about Felicitous and/or DidaBoard software? Read among these questions, in all probability you will find the answer immediately!

Have you only the medical device version?

No! The medical device version is necessary in order to obtain the prescription, then receive it, from the italian ULSS, ASL or ATS through traceability with the codes of the tariff nomenclator (old – for homogeneity – or with the new one in the regions where it is already used).

Can I buy it with italian regional or municipal tenders?

From time to time, the regions allocate funds for the purchase of technological aids. We have dedicated an area of our company precisely for this type of support that starts from remaining constantly updated also on calls and loans for individuals both at national and European level. We have already followed some families until obtaining the funds as provided for by the calls, funds then used (if the purchase had to be made by the family and then the Institution reimburses the expense) for obtaining the device or assistance services to the person.

Is there a multi-license package?

Felicitous and DidaBoard are available both in the single license package but also in the multi-license formula. The multi-license package also has a discounted price compared to the purchase of all individual licenses. For this version it is necessary to contact us in advance to the email info@felicitous.it or to the contacts reported in the header of the page or, again, by writing to us from the Contacts page. This step is necessary to be able to study what is requested of us and based on this request send the multi-license offer.

How can PAs buy it?

Felicitous is also available in the Italian MePa and on Sardinian SardegnaCAT, simply look for the company SitSardegna.it of Giovanni Angelo Pinna (click here to directly access our card on the MePa, you must already be authenticated in the MePa to access our page). Here you can browse the catalog of the initiative “GOODS – INFORMATICS, ELECTRONICS, TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND OFFICE MACHINES”, metaproducts software of virtual keyboards for the disabled, pedagogical software, with part number SIT001980 or SIT001949.

Is it possible to pay it in installments?

There are several ways to access a payment in installments: ranging from the query of credit / loan institutions already present in Italy or requesting the purchase with the monthly subscription formula (until the sum of the final estimate is reached). These formulas require that bureaucratic step where the request, first, is examined by the credit / loan institution and only after its “approval” you can proceed with the purchase and obtaining of the device or software.

What kind of support do you offer?

In addition to the classic support channels (email, telephone, tickets, social media, etc.) we are in constant contact with therapists, speech therapists, centers and schools: every need, even the most complex, are met both by creating new educational cards but also, if necessary, further customizing the software in order to adapt it to the needs of the individual. It also often happens to go to the professional’s office, to the school, hospital or center where the therapeutic activities are carried out or, even, to the home of the family that uses our software. But still: it is possible to request assistance for the entire school year by studying an ad hoc package.

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