Felicitous and DidaBoard: first installation and configuration

2 April 2022by Felicitous

How to install and configure Felicitous and DidaBoard software for the first time?

In this guide we explain how to install the Felicitous and/or DidaBoard software on your tablet device, computer, notebook etc and how to configure the first settings of the software.

To install both the Felicitous and DidaBoard software it will be necessary first of all to check the minimum requirements of the software and that these are all met in the computer, tablet or notebook (but also in mini computers, LIMs, multimedia banks etc.) as already indicated in the “Felicitous and DidaBoard minimum requirements” article.

Once you have made sure that these requirements are all met, the installation can only be completed if you have an Internet connection, there is no Offline installation archive, cd, pendrive to install Felicitous and DidaBoard software.

To proceed with the installation of the software it will be necessary, first of all, to download the installer by clicking on the relevant item in the top menu, under the item Download & Co.

The installer, in addition to being already connected in the link above, can also be downloaded from the Helpicare distributor portal by clicking on the link in the area dedicated to the DidaBoard software. Attention: no other download channel, other than those indicated here, is considered official.

Once you have downloaded the installer and proceeded to unzip its contents (a zip archive will be downloaded), simply double-click on the Installer.exe file.

Windows SmartScreen: It is possible that Ms. Windows will show to you Smart Screen window after you made double click into installer.exe: just click into “Other information” button and next into “Execute” or “Run Anyway” button.

At this point a window will open like those shown in the gallery in this article (which in any case may vary graphically if in the presence of software distributed by third parties with customizations).

The installation process is very simple and does not require the input of data or special information.

Before clicking on the cloud icon, which will start downloading the last released software, it will be sufficient:

  • Select langlage flag according to default localization you want to use (Software will show to you: Italian and English languages. Soon you will find: Spanish, French, German and Russian).
  • Enable or disable “Download Arasaac Pictograms for free” (this checkbox is disabled by default; it will be the person who decides whether to use these pictograms because, perhaps, already used previously to create other communicative material using alternative augmentative communication images and symbols).

Now, all that remains is to click on the cloud white icon with the arrow pointing downwards: the installer will automatically recognize all the resources to be downloaded according to the following logic:

  • First installation: download and installation of the Felicitous or DidaBoard software, at the latest released version, multiple downloads of the packages necessary for the use of the software (.Net Framework, default speech synthesis etc.);
  • Update: download only software updates according to the latest release;

The time required for the installation of the software depends on the speed of the Internet connection used.

The completion of the installation will be directly reported in the balloon on the left.

Once the installation is complete: the installer will save an icon of the newly installed software in the desktop and its icons in the “Start Menu -> Program List” of Windows.

Finally, the software will be automatically executed every time the device starts.

The newly installed software will be in Demo version 15 days.

Once the software has been installed and started by double-clicking on the icon in the desktop, to customize the first configuration it will be sufficient to access the menu by clicking on the icon at the top right with the circular shape and, subsequently, on “Configure”.

It is not recommended to use installers that have already been downloaded for some time since, even these utilities, are updated from time to time.

We recommend that you proceed with the first download of the installer, as summarized above, to make sure you have the latest version released.

If you are using an installer whose version is now obsolete, because new updates have been released, downloading the software will have the following error messages depending on the version of the installer you are using: “There is nothing to download” or “Outdated installer! Download the new version to proceed!” In these cases it will be necessary to proceed with the download of the new installer as per the latest release.

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Felicitous is the project born and developed to meet the needs of every family. Not an environment where the activity that can be carried out will be to click a cell, making it talk or performing an audio or video content, or at most, loading a new static screen. Felicitous is the dynamic environment where you can study any subject, interact with the software and improve your oculus-manual coordination with dynamic activities, where you can color and perform an infinity of other activities (even with Robots).

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