Felicitous and DidaBoard: minimum requirements

2 April 2022by Felicitous

How to check if your computer or tablet etc meet the minimum requirements of Felicitous and/or DidaBoard software?

The Felicitous and DidaBoard software, but also the App for Android of the player only, do not require particular hardware or software performance capabilities.

All devices, with Ms. Windows today on the market, are compatible as Felicitous software as well as DidaBoard require at least an i3 processor, Windows 10 64-bit operating system, at least 4 Giga of Ram and 10 gigabytes of free space (also considering the space that may be needed to store all the grids that in the future will be created, the cards exported and sent by email and so on).

All these requirements are easily verifiable by opening the “System” window present in every Ms. Windows computer and device.

Other requirements to check based on the use you want to make of the software, then based on the features you want to exploit:

  • network card and an internet connection: this requirement is necessary to take advantage of the possibility of sharing the cards in the Cloud, to update the software every time an update will be released, activate the software license that will be assigned to you, take advantage of the “Teaching and remote therapies” function, take advantage of the “Send exercise performed via email” function, search for images on the web, surf the internet (also to listen to music or watch videos on YouTube, for example) and for all those activities that require an internet connection;
  • Ms. Office package minimum version 2016: this software is necessary to be able to take advantage of the features of “record and save the activity carried out during therapy or during the performance of the exercise”. This functionality records all the activity carried out and saves each selection, access times to an element, response times of the person in an Excel file that, then, can be exported to be included in the “personal therapeutic notebook”;
  • microphone and webcam: as for the Ms. Office package, if you also want to record video and audio during an exercise, the device must be equipped with a webcam and microphone, also integrated;
  • printer: to be able to print the cards and exercises created or saved once they have been completed;
  • scanner: to quickly digitize every paper card or paper notebook by switching to their fully digital version;

by Felicitous

Felicitous is the project born and developed to meet the needs of every family. Not an environment where the activity that can be carried out will be to click a cell, making it talk or performing an audio or video content, or at most, loading a new static screen. Felicitous is the dynamic environment where you can study any subject, interact with the software and improve your oculus-manual coordination with dynamic activities, where you can color and perform an infinity of other activities (even with Robots).

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