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We are present throughout Italy and we have reached other cities around the world, including India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain…

We started in 2010 to offer support, from the technical area, making ourselves known on social networks and forums: we continue to refine our knowledge and skills, without ever getting tired, in the communicative-didactic field (from AAC to the LIS language or Braille language, from assistance to accompaniment to support people, of any age, with sensory, psycho-physical disabilities or with autism spectrum disorders).

We always support it: communication is not just an image, it is not a “use this image” or “this static grid”.

So, to date, in Italy our network counts 4 companies distributing our solutions and offers.

Exclusive partner and distributor


Exclusive partner and distributor of the DidaBoard software: with Helpicare we have created the series of activities specifically designed for DSA (specific learning disorders) then expanding the software offer, based on what we call the Felicitous engine, to embrace any need in the communicative-didactic field.

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