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Conditions of sale and ToS di Giovanni Angelo Pinna: hereinafter referred to as Owner.


On-line sales contract: the conclusion of agreements for the purchase of products and services as offered by the Controller and requested by the end consumer, within the framework of a distance sales contract with the use of “internet” IT means.

The products purchased on our portal are sold directly by the Owner, duly registered with the register of companies as per the data reported on each page of this portal and on the Owner’s page. Some products may be subject to customization, by external suppliers or by the Owner as above, and may lengthen the time required to prepare and, therefore, process the order (the sheet of each product indicates any order preparation time, testing and delivery).

The final consumer is the natural person who purchases goods and services for his or her own purposes and needs.

The general terms and conditions of sale, for all matters not expressly provided for in this contract, are governed by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005) and by the rules on electronic commerce (Legislative Decree no. 70/2003).

The on-line sales contract between the Customer and the Supplier, both resident in Italy, shall in any case be governed by Italian law.

The conclusion and confirmation of the contract shall only be possible upon confirmation by the customer, completing each step as shown on the screen until final confirmation (the order shall be stored in the status “waiting for payment” or “data integration” if estimates are required that cannot be calculated automatically in the portal).

The online sales contract is concluded by filling in the order form on this portal; it is considered concluded upon receipt of the online purchase confirmation and once payment has been confirmed.

The order form must be correctly completed and payment made.

It is possible that the product chosen is no longer available at the time the order form is sent. In this case, the Owner will refund the amount already paid by the purchaser.

By transmitting the order, the purchaser accepts all the General Conditions of Sale on this page.

If you do not agree with any or all of these conditions, please contact Customer Service or open a Ticket to the sales department. This operation, in case of necessary clarifications, should be carried out before placing any order.

After 30 days from the date of the order, in the absence of receipt of payment within the terms indicated, the order shall be cancelled and deleted, without prior notice; the Customer acknowledges and accepts that he/she shall not be entitled to make any claim against the Controller and releases the latter, as of now, from any liability in respect of the cancellation of the order and the forfeiture of any promotion, if any, connected with it.

Any sums received on account of a cancelled order shall be returned to the Customer.

1a. ONLINE PURCHASE – MEPA (Italian PA Channel)

Some of the products on this portal can only be purchased via the MePA platform (network purchasing for public administration).

Products that can be purchased in this way can be identified by their non-availability on this portal (out of stock) and by the words “Can be ordered only and exclusively on MePA“.

Quantities, prices and availability may also vary on a daily basis according to what is updated in the PA purchasing platform.


The start of production of the purchased items, which takes place within 48 working hours after receipt of the total amount of the order (or if otherwise agreed with the customer after receipt of the down payment), marks the deadline for making changes to orders: orders may be changed before the balance is paid or the down payment sent. Once the production/customisation of the products has started, they may not be changed but, at most, integrated with other products or services.

Subsequent changes cannot be guaranteed given the nature of the products and services covered on this portal.

However, the owner is available for a case-by-case assessment; this analysis will take into account the progress of production and, based on this, any changes will be authorised.

Invoicing data entered in the order can only be changed until the invoice is issued.

The invoice will be forwarded via the SDI (Sistema di Interscambio) to the recipient code or PEC indicated by the customer (if the purchaser is a private individual without a PEC and SDI Code, the invoice will still be uploaded using his own tax code).


As soon as the purchased products are in stock and production has been completed, the Owner shall inform the customer of their availability. Depending on the choice made at the time of the order, the products will be shipped or made available for hand collection within the terms indicated in the notice sent to the customer by email.

If the agreed availability is not adhered to and the delivery is not successful, any costs for storage and/or redelivery will be charged to the customer.

Shipment is only started once the order has been paid for and is carried out by specialised couriers with prior notice by telephone.

The Standard Shipment service only includes delivery at street level and does not include assembly, installation and testing.

It shall be the customer’s responsibility to be available on the day of delivery or to collect the goods in person at the courier’s warehouse within the time limits set by them.


In the event of problems arising in connection with the goods supplied after delivery, a correct allocation of responsibility is essential, to be identified between the person who produces the goods (producer if different from the Owner), the person who sells the goods (the Owner), the person who delivers them to the customer (the appointed carrier) and the person who purchases them (the customer receiving the supply).

For your own protection and to obtain the best possible assistance, you are obliged to follow the following procedure in order to assert and activate any claims for return): If you disregard this procedure, it is likely that we will not be able to allocate responsibility correctly between the above-mentioned parties and that you will be involved in any replacement costs for defective or damaged parts.

  1. Upon receipt of the goods, please ask the courier to include the words “Subject to control”;
  2. Document any damaged packaging and packages with photos and, in the same way, photograph any damage to the delivery in the packages received;
  3. Open a return request via the Ticket and Support page and address it to the sales department;

The replacement procedure is only considered to be activated when the form is submitted in the Tickets section.

After assessing the documentation, which it will then request from the customer as a precautionary measure, it will assess the liability and request the customer to send the supply for further analysis in the laboratory (if applicable).

The customer shall be required to cooperate as far as possible: he shall be required to pack the parts to be returned in their original packaging in any case and to affix the labels that the Controller shall provide to the customer by email or via the RMA form in the Ticket area.


Shipping costs will be calculated when ordering.

Shipments with insurance shall be the subject of an estimate unrelated to the order, which must be confirmed or refused by the Customer. Any balance in excess of the amount of the order must be paid within 30 days or the goods will be sent by normal, uninsured shipment.

In each product sheet, where applicable, the expected production time is indicated, based on statistics of previously processed orders for the same type of product.

The law provides, in view of the nature of the goods (“goods to be manufactured or purchased especially for the customer”), for a “further reasonable period” within which any delay is nevertheless tolerated, since it is considered “reasonable in the circumstances”.

The Holder undertakes to fulfil the delivery of the goods within the minimum time, which may vary according to the overload of the couriers.

In the case of deliveries comprising several products, it is possible to withdraw from the purchase of only those products that are delayed.

Our sales department is available for order status information via the tickets and service area.

If the customer is informed of the delay within the thirty days, he may choose not to give up the purchased products and wait for the delivery. In this case, a further period of thirty days shall elapse, during which he may not withdraw from the contract.

If the Delivery Time is a factor in your purchasing decision, please contact our sales department before purchasing.

Delivery times do not include public holidays or courier strikes.

Extra-Italy shipment will be calculated by the software at the end of your order.


The warehouse, although digital, is constantly being updated. However, it may happen, albeit rarely, that a certain product is no longer available because it has been superseded by other similar products.

In the event of an order for one or more of these products, the Customer will be notified and offered the possibility of modifying the order by adding those available and similar.

The customer is free to decide whether to accept the change or to request a refund of the sum associated with the article.


It shall be the customer’s responsibility to check, prior to the actual purchase, that the product or service he is interested in is indeed the one he is looking for and that any digital products are compatible with the characteristics of the computers (computers, tablets, etc.) he will be hosting and that these meet the minimum requirements.

The customer can request pre-sales support by opening a Ticket and addressing it to the sales area.

The Customer is also obliged to read the entire Product Sheet in order to find all the information on the desired good or service.

Manufacturers may make technical, design changes to the products offered that do not, however, significantly alter the appearance of the products and their use.

It shall be possible for the Controller to change the names of certain products/services or parts thereof: these changes cannot in any way be a precondition for termination of the contract for “non-conformity” insofar as the “name of the product” cannot be considered a fundamental element of the value offered to the consumer by the product itself or in any case an element that is able to condition the contractual will.

On the other hand, it shall be the customer’s responsibility to comply with what is indicated herein at point 7, relieving the Controller of all responsibility and invalidating (in the event of failure to comply with what is indicated herein) any requests for termination due to “non-compliance”; each product sheet is suitably detailed and, in this portal, all the information is available to achieve the necessary security prior to purchase.


The consumer is not satisfied with the products received, except in the cases provided for by art. 59 of the Consumer Code, you can exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in articles 52 to 58 of Chapter I, Title III, part III of the Consumer Code.

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the product (or from the date of receipt of the last item of the last batch that is part of the order), communicating it in writing by sending a pec or registered letter with return receipt to the address that will be provided by the commercial service once the relative request has been opened in the Tickets section.

The right of withdrawal, always pursuant to the Consumer Code, will not be applicable in all those orders of personalized or tailor-made products that, following an order and before delivery, will be subject to substantial changes on their nature and functionality as from time to time or in advance the shipment / delivery will be agreed with the customer and in all those other types of contract as explained in the Consumer Code (please refer to on the page for a list of them).

The costs associated with the withdrawal / return will be borne by the Consumer.


All products sold by the owner are covered by the legal guarantee of conformity.

The legal guarantee provides for the liability of the consumer for conformity defects not detectable at the time of purchase.

In case of lack of conformity, art..128 and following of the Consumer Code protect the consumer by guaranteeing the right to have the goods restored, without further charge, by means of repair or replacement unless the remedy requested is impossible or excessively costly compared to the value of the goods themselves. Repairs or replacements shall be carried out within a reasonable period of time from the consumer’s request, which shall in any case be notified to the customer.

The sales invoice must be retained for warranty purposes.

For private individuals, the warranty given for any conformity defect is 24 months; for purchases invoiced to VAT-registered purchasers and companies, the warranty is 12 months.

For all products, the warranty of the manufacturer of the purchased item still applies.

Battery: 6 months warranty.

The Holder shall not be liable if the defects, faults or failures have been caused by the customer’s incorrect behaviour; the guarantee shall also not apply if the product is damaged due to the use of unsuitable cleaning products or due to incorrect installation or maintenance.

Each product shall be accompanied by the relevant certification and declarations of conformity of the manufacturer which may be identified in the manual and/or in the relevant product labelling and/or in the accompanying documentation in the case of non-digital/virtual products such as software licences, training in the use of remote or in-person software, etc.


The prices shown are in Euros (or other currency selected by the user if available) and do not include VAT, which will be calculated on the portal when you place your order.

Any articles or products without a price or whose price is indicated as €0.00 (zero Euro) are to be understood as being offered upon acceptance of the estimate that the Customer will receive separately from that of placing the order. Fulfillment shall follow subsequent approval by the Customer and receipt of the balance as agreed between the Owner and the Consumer. Zero-rated products are free of charge unless otherwise indicated in the product description.

The VAT applied by default is the ordinary VAT as established by the Italian tax system.

The italian customer may apply for any reduced VAT at 4% in accordance with the directives, as imposed by the Italian Legislative System, set out in the next point.


All products and services sold through the Shop on this portal, or through direct orders by email, may only and exclusively be paid for by the methods as set out on the order confirmation page.

The payment methods used are:

  • Bank transfer: payment can be made at authorised bank counters, via home banking or at your local branch;
  • SEPA Debit (if enabled): By providing us with payment information and confirming this payment type, you authorise (A) Felicitous and DidaBoard: communication, education and inclusion and Stripe (online payment circuit), our payment service provider and/or PPRO, its local service provider, to send instructions to your bank to debit your account for the amount of the order and (B) your bank to proceed with such debit in accordance with the instructions provided;
  • Cards and online payment (if enabled): payment will be immediate and involves the use of your own payment card. The payment system is integrated into the portal but relies on the Stripe service and offers the possibility of using most of the payment cards available today. Cards accepted include: credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, both physical and virtual, of the American Express, Visa and Mastercard circuits, etc. (by indicating the card number on the payment form, the card will be automatically recognised by the system);
  • Teacher’s card (only italy if enabled): for teachers only. This method of payment requires the creation of a teacher’s voucher, equal to the amount of the expenditure and within the limits and conditions as indicated on the ministerial portal. The voucher will be verified at the time of ordering;

Unless otherwise agreed and authorised by the administration, other forms of payment such as, but not limited to, sending cash, cheques or other securities by post, cash on delivery, etc. are not accepted.

Any request for access to this form of payment must be sent to the sales department, via the Ticket and technical support area, following confirmation of the order by selecting the payment method “bank transfer” and indicating the order number just confirmed in the request.


The promotional codes, unless otherwise indicated on this portal or on other official channels of Felicitous and, are valid for:

  • one or more products as specified in the voucher;
  • not valid for more than one use per purchaser;
  • not valid if other products are already in the shopping cart;
  • not valid in combination with other promotional codes;

Finally, promotional codes usually expire at the end of the month from the date of creation of the promotional voucher and discount code.

The promotional codes are valid only for purchases on this portal and can not be used on other platforms, if used, such as Amazon, Ebay or other marketplaces or sales channels outside the portal

Discount codes are not applicable to supplies for the PA, for which reference should be made to’s catalogues and the general regulations on MePA and/or SardegnaCat.

13 – 4% VAT relief for technical and computer aids (only Italy)

In addition to the 19% personal income tax (IRPEF) deduction, a reduced VAT rate of 4% (instead of the ordinary 22%) is applied to the purchase of technical and computer aids aimed at facilitating the self-sufficiency and integration of the disabled as defined in Article 3 of Law no. 104 of 1992.

The benefit covers equipment and devices based on mechanical, electronic or computer technology, whether commonly available or specially manufactured. For example, the purchase of a fax machine, modem, computer, hands-free telephone, etc. is eligible.

They must, however, be aids to be used for the benefit of persons limited by permanent motor, visual, hearing or speech impairments and to achieve one of the following purposes and facilities:

  • interpersonal communication;
  • written or graphic elaboration;
  • control of the environment;
  • access to information and culture:
  • assisting rehabilitation;

In order to benefit from the reduced rate, prior to the settlement of the order, the following documentation must be delivered to the Holder, following confirmation, to be sent to the email address and also indicating the reference to the order in which the 4% VAT is to be associated:

  • a specific prescription issued by a specialist doctor at the local health authority showing the functional link between the impairment and the technical and computer aid;
  • a certificate issued by the competent local health authority attesting to the existence of a functional disability falling within one of the four permitted forms (motor, visual, hearing or speech) and to its permanent nature;

The Holder shall send a new document detailing the order and the total amount with the updated VAT.


The jurisdiction applicable to sales contracts concluded at a distance, through this website or that of the Controller or any other telematic channel, is that provided for in Article 66bis of the Consumer Code.

The mediation procedures provided for in Legislative Decree No. 28 of 4 March 2010 may be used to resolve disputes.

This is without prejudice to the possibility of promoting the out-of-court settlement of disputes, as provided for in Articles 66 and 141 of the Consumer Code.

The law applicable to contracts of sale governed by these general terms and conditions shall be the Italian law, with the exclusion of the rules of conflict and in any case the rules of private international law.

Finally, the applicability of the 1980 Vienna Convention on the Sale of Goods is excluded.

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