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What is Felicitous software?

Felicitous and DidaBoard are the result of that desire, need and strong desire to allow all peoplefrom children to adults, to have access to communication in all its aspects and without any constraints dictated by the usual “commonplaces” (unjust for us) and habits born over time “because that’s how it was always done”. (unfair to us) and habits born over time “because that is the way it has always been done”.

Communicating does not mean only and exclusively using images; communicating does not mean having to submit to a screen, in which one has to base every future card on the usual grids defined in the phase of creation of the digital card (the classic “tot rows for tot columns” grids); communicating, as well as alternative augmentative communication, do not mean limiting the will of the person (expressed through digital vocal synthesis) to a single phraseology which, although fast (to express needs, feelings, emotions or immediate discomfort), is in any case limiting in the long run precisely because it is static.

In 2010, research began in the field, which was necessary to define the foundations of this project, leading to the definition of the Felicitous and DidaBoard software and their series of activities, all of which can be customised in every aspect and without any constraints.

In order to achieve this, one step was essential: to break away from the common thinking about the recipient of these solutions (as in 99% of cases today) by identifying it in the word “the patient needs …”.

Being able to communicate is a right that belongs to all people, big or small, and not “because they are patients”.

Communication can also be achieved by drawing, integration (not marginalisation) by studying one or more school subjects and, through them, understanding that we are all people at heart.

This is Felicitous and DidaBoard, not just software but two doors to 360° communication.


Easy to create and customise communication cards

Using the Felicitous or DidaBoard software editor, it will be very easy to transform every need into a didactic, playful and entertaining card, or a screen with which to communicate without generating rejection or boredom/rage in the person who will use them in their growth path.
No grid constraints
With Felicitous you can create all kinds of resources, without having to base them on the choice of any row-by-column grid. Maximum freedom in the arrangement of each element (cell or active content) that will make up the digital board.
Tree boards and teaching at school
Thanks to the countless features of the Felicitous editor, it will be possible to create any board, even tree boards, to study any school subject. They can be used by all students using the already known multimedia didactics and, therefore, also via interactive whiteboards, multimedia desks etc.
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Skilled in communication

People often ask what skills are necessary and already acquired in order to use Felicitous and/or DidaBoard. Our answer is exactly the one we use to describe our software and can be summarised in a few words: no skills are required.

We are convinced thatcommunication should continue to be the basis of every personal relationship and not a consequence.

Enabling communication skills means offering the opportunity to achieve that wellbeing in the emotional health of each individual person, without tying and binding them to a way of expressing themselves that, in all likelihood, does not belong to them.

Communicating means dealing with all situations in daily life in a way that is most satisfactory to them.

To be a skilled communicator, it is not necessary to resort to the usual voice synthesis, the usual images, the usual choices expressed by clicking on an element and waiting for ‘the software to do what it has been ordered to do’: communicating means being able to express oneself by drawing, communicating means being able to express happiness even by solving a mathematical problem, reading or writing privately; communicating means being able to say ‘enough’ and devote oneself to a more active listening or to enter into a discussion by expressing one’s own point of view and making one’s own reasons; communicating also means making a mistake in an exercise and then repeating it once one has understood the mistake.

Communication means living: this is possible with Felicitous! Dealing with everyday situations by being able to create all kinds of communicative educational cards.

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Say goodbye to the old concept and way of communicating, discover the true meaning of this word today with Felicitous and DidaBoard.

In addition to an all-round, feature-rich communication environment, you can be sure of continuous support to meet your every need.

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