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All the boards you will find listed on this page are just a few of the more than 600 multi-modal boards we have created to date and which can be requested immediately for downloading with Felicitous or DidaBoard.

From AAC communication to text writing, from play activities to entertainment, from maths toItalian language teaching, from DSA boards for interactive whiteboards to those for multimedia desks, from dynamic keyboards to static keyboards… over 600 ready-made boards that you can further customise are at your disposal.

You won’t find the usual cards where the person has to just click or write with or without a prediction, but you will have lots of cards where each exercise will stimulate more senses, creating more interest in the user.


Multimedia cards

With these tiles, it will be possible to create any kind of playful-didactic activity that makes use of these intelligent elements of ours.

The variously shaped cards can also be customised in terms of graphics and each card can be associated with a specific action or be left “open” for any kind of use.

The Felicitous software and DidaBoard will automatically recognise these cards and objects.


Equations and algebra

Create custom grids with which you can write any type of exercise related to mathematics, algebra, trigonometry and many other subjects respecting the formatting of the texts and the various symbols.

In this example the bench is complete with all the features to write and solve any type of exercise, save it and possibly reopen it later and perform all the calculations.


Find and hide differences

Create cards for exercises on discrimination: with Felicitous and DidaBoard it will be possible to create any type of multimodal board with which to also carry out exercises and problems on the discrimination of objects and figures.

In this example, the person will have to delete and hide all objects that are not present in the figure on the right.


Complete the sentence

Complete the sentence by moving or writing the missing characters: both with Felicitous and with DidaBoard it will be possible to create activities in which the person will have to complete the words or the entire sentences. You can move the corresponding tiles in the word to be completed, you can write the missing characters…

The software offers an infinite number of ways to create educational cards that are always stimulating and never repetitive.


Grids for teachers

In this example we report a card with which the algebra teacher can explain the development of each lesson by combining the ability of Felicitous and DidaBoard to carry out the entire problem, showing all the steps or one step at a time, and the possibility of writing by hand in the card of development of the problem so as to reinforce and explain also portions of it.


Merge matches

It will be possible to create didactic cards in which the person will have to join the correspondences according to the characteristics of each couple.

Each screen will never be the same as the previous one, the software can mix only a row of objects or all the elements that make up the board. In this way each exercise will never be carried out by memorizing the steps but the person will be continuously stimulated and will be required to commit to solving the exercise.


Move elements

You can create grids with which to move the figures by setting various types of selection filters.

The person will not have to limit himself to pressing the element but will have to perform all those actions necessary to complete the exercise: selection, moving, release.

It will also be possible to correct the choice thanks to the “cancel and delete” functions.


Color if it satisfies…

Color the figures whose name contains at least one double: with Felicitous and DidaBoard it will be possible to create playful-didactic cards with which to exploit playful activities transforming them into exercises that stimulate the person at 360 ° and that accompany him throughout his learning path.


Algebra, systems and equations

Studying algebra has never been easier.

Felicitous and DidaBoard include everything you need to write algebraic expressions, equations etc. The software will perform the exercise with the ability to filter the unfolding of the unknowns from the steps for solving the main problem up to, also, the visualization of the individual steps up to the solution.


Neuro-cognitive exercises

You can create any type of neuro-cognitive exercise: move the figures, insert the figures in the holes of the same shape, complete the words, merge the objects, form the pairs, color according to certain search filters, find the differences are just some of the possible neuro-cognitive cards that will be possible to create with Felicitous and DidaBoard.


Arithmetic expressions

With Felicitous and DidaBoard it will be possible to implement totally customized boards with which to carry out any type of arithmetic expression, from the simplest to the most complex.

Taking advantage of the many functions you can choose whether to view the steps one at a time or all the way immediately.

abaco felicitous matematica

Abacus and mathematics

Studying mathematics with an intelligent and dynamic abacus has never been easier.

In this ready-made and customisable sheet, you can count up to a million, but you can also start with just the units, removing the rest, and then integrate it once you have learned the basics.


Bortolato, analogue method

In this example we show how with our software it is possible to use or customise the board that implements the Bortolato method, the analogue method of the 20-line.

With this tool, it will be easier to learn not only the concept of quantity but also the operations of addition and difference.


Measurements: international system

With Felicitous and DidaBoard, it will also be possible to implement educational boards with which to learn about measurements.

This tab, which is ready-made and can be customised by removing or adding other factors, shows the example that supports the student in converting various lengths: from kilometres to millimetres.


Pythagorean table: divisions

This example shows a ready-made board implementing the Pythagorean table for division.

In this teaching sheet there is also the reinforcement and support of the software which helps the student to verify the result chosen in carrying out the division indicated by the teacher.


Multibase 1, 10, 100

Example of a teaching sheet using multi-base as a method of learning to count and perform addition and subtraction.

In this example there is also software reinforcement and support to help the student count and verify the result he/she has indicated in the exercise.


Bortolato: 100 line

With Felicitous and DidaBoard you can use the Bortolato method, the 100 line, for learning quantities and the main arithmetic operations.

In this example there is also software reinforcement and support to help the student count and verify the result he/she has indicated in the exercise.


School tests

With Felicitous, it is possible to create facilitative worksheets for any exercise or test.

On this sample sheet the student can add text, highlight, underline etc. to the existing texts and carry out any type of exercise required (including geometry, science and so on, even when writing without the support of keyboards or other external input devices).


Positional system, mathematics

With Felicitous and DidaBoard, it is also possible to create and customise screens for learning mathematics with the positional system.

The screen can be designed with different levels of difficulty: automatic division of the numbers indicated by the student, manual and automatic division or manual division only. The software also offers the possibility of immediate feedback on the progress of the exercise.


Pythagorean table: multiplications

Studying multiplication tables, multiplications, with the Pythagorean table.

In this example, the Pythagorean table has been recreated to facilitate learning multiplication. By selecting the multiplicand and then the product, the software will highlight the correct result in blue after clicking on “what is the result?”.

DSA: Disgrafia

DSA and dysgraphia

Each exercise, each teaching sheet, once completed can be sent directly to the email box of the teacher, lecturer or therapist simply by pressing a single cell and without having to take screenshots, save files, take photos or whatever.

The software creates a preview of the form and sends it to the teacher’s email address.

DSA: Discalculia

DSA and dyscalculia

Example of a worksheet created for activities related to ASD, specifically the disorder associated with dyscalculia.

The board, which can also be used in an interactive whiteboard, desks and multimedia touch boards, offers two areas: on the left a freehand writing area, enlarged, and on the right a full work page.

Token Economy e Autismo

Token economy and autism

As a result of a behaviour, whether appropriate or contrary to the objective, the person gains or loses tokens which he or she can then exchange for other reinforcements (final rewards).

A very important feature of this programme is that, through these neutral stimuli, the reinforcement can also be ‘picked up’ at a later date (e.g. at the end of the morning, at recess or, why not, even when back at home).

Insegnare la scrittura

Remote learning and therapy

Example of a teaching sheet created for remote learning activities, specifically for dyscalculia disorder.

With the module send exercises by email, record progress and other features of the software it will be possible to break down the limits and boundaries imposed also by the distance with the teacher and neurodevelopmental professionals.

imparare a scrivere autismo dsa bes scuola

Teaching and learning writing

An example of a worksheet with which to teach writing: In this worksheet we use both reinforcement with CAA pictures, symbols and already composed words with the additional reinforcement of directional arrows for writing the single character and the exercise “order the letters”.

The card will be made unique each time it is uploaded by shuffling the individual letters in a totally random manner and never identical to the previous upload.

Memory e sviluppo della memoria

Games and memory development

Example of a game-didactic card with which to create cards for strengthening and developing memory. All the cards can be customised as desired, including the number.

The tiles will be shuffled in a totally random way and never identical to the previous load. You can also use the wheel functions or, for example, by using animal images, create animal-versus-animal associations.

Leggere l'ora

Timetable and times of day

Teach how to read the clock and distinguish the different stages of the day. As the time changes, the clock automatically updates the time of day from morning, afternoon, evening or night according to the chosen time.

The clock can be wound with various reinforcements or without any reinforcement (only main hours, all hours, both hours and minutes, no reinforcement).

Schede comunicazione dinamiche

AAC Communication Sheets

Example of the creation of a classic “needs” communication sheet.

These tabs can be used either by automatically recalling the choice made on the next screen or without recalling the initial choice.

Calendario e compiti

Calendar and organisation of the day

Example of a customised calendar for use with AAC and symbol reinforcement.

The software allows you to create and use a real calendar with which to order the exercises to be carried out on a given day.

Matematica e regoli

Mathematics and rules or abacus

Teaching mathematics using rulers.

An example of a DSA board with which to teach mathematics using reinforcement and ruler support. The worksheet is also optimised for highlighting the columns of units, tens, hundreds and thousands as well as the rows of carries, addents and results.

Matematica e sottrazioni

Mathematics and subtraction

Another example of a worksheet for learning how to perform subtraction, with or without the aid of rulers.

Thanks to the possibility of customising the grids and cards, it will be possible to replace the rulers with the abacus or any other support for the student.

Numeri e moltiplicazioni

Mathematics and multiplication

Another example of a worksheet for learning how to do multiplication, with or without the aid of rulers.

Thanks to the possibility of customising the grids and cards, it will be possible to replace the rulers with the abacus or any other support for the student.

Matematica e divisioni

Mathematics and divisions

Teaching sheet to learn how to perform divisions, with or without the aid of rulers.

Thanks to the possibility of customising the grids and cards, it will be possible to replace the rulers with the abacus or any other support for the student.

Gestione dei soldi e spesa

Banknotes, spending and change

Example of a card created to manage and recognise banknotes as well as coins and their value.

On this card, the person must indicate the expected change based on the cash handed over during the shopping trip. The card is customisable in the use of one rather than the other coin or banknote until all are included.

Pregraphs and preparatory activities

Example of a sheet created for those activities that are preparatory to writing, namely pregraphics.

In this tab the person has to complete the exercises that will be loaded on the screen with the possibility of creating a set of exercises to be carried out in succession. All exercises can be recorded and/or saved in a pdf file after completion.


Geometry and drawing

Example of a card with which to learn the concept of form.

The student must review the perimeter of the figures required by the exercise.

The software will recognise the number of recognised figures and whether the exercise has been carried out correctly.


Symmetry and associations

Using colours, the person should replicate the guide image shown on the left by colouring the one on the right.

The card can be further customised by adding new colours, including distractors, or by replacing the image to be replicated and coloured.

Exercise and tests

Example of a worksheet created for school exercises and tests.

The student, in this specific case, will have to complete the operations shown on the screen by moving each digit to the left to its correct destination in order to obtain, then, the result of the operation already shown or write a free operation correctly.

Memory development

With Felicitous and DidaBoard it is possible to create playful activities based on the example and logic of the memory game but using any type of graphic element.

The card can be further customised, not only in the replacement of images, but also in the number of elements to be mixed and recognised.

Each time the card is loaded, the tiles will be arranged differently.

disegno libero

Free drawing

With this card the person can give free rein to his or her imagination while having fun colouring in an image already shown, thus respecting the margins and at the same time perfecting his or her skills and eye-hand coordination.


Colouring and mathematics

Example of a card with which you can practise mathematics, in this case addition, while having fun colouring.

Each sum is associated with a different colour.


Oculo-manual reinforcement

Playful-didactic card designed to reinforce oculo-manual skills.

The person has to move an object, in this case the car, without hitting other objects and jammers on the screen, in this case pedestrians, until they reach the finish line.


SCAArab game

Who doesn’t know how to play Scrabble? With Felicitous and DidaBoard we have recreated this famous game by adding the reinforcement of CAA symbols.

The person, using the tiles shown on the left, must be able to reassemble the sentences by placing the tiles on the right simply by touching the target area.

Phrases and symbols can all be personalised.


Keyboard with AAC symbols

In this example, an alphabetic keyboard was created with the additional support of prediction and the symbols of CAA, alternative augmentative communication.

Symbols can be further customised by uploading a database of images the person already has or by implementing new symbols over time.


Calendar and tasks

With Felicitous and DidaBoard, it is possible to create a simplified calendar with which to organise every exercise and activity over time.

Recompose and rotate

In this example, we have recreated the activity in which you are asked to recreate a figure. The screen can be further customised by adding the guiding image, replacing the image to be reassembled, increasing the level of difficulty by increasing the elements to be reassembled…

AAC phrasebook

With Felicitous and DidaBoard, it will also be possible to create classic phrases using the symbols of alternative augmentative communication, or to take photos of objects, animals, places and people and then use them in the various simplified communication cards.


With Felicitous and DidaBoard, it will be possible to create any kind of board designed to reinforce a person’s discriminatory skills.

Each tab can take on various levels of difficulty: from statically positioned elements to those mixed in with each page load, to further modification of their position and size in space so that they are more easily confused with other elements.


Entertainment and music

With Felicitous and DidaBoard, it is also possible to create boards with which to relax while listening to music, breaking up the teaching activity with purely playful activities.


Geometry and perimeter

Example of a sheet with which the student can learn about plane geometric figures, perimeter and surface area.

The software offers additional support in calculating the perimeter and surface area: when choosing the perimeter, the latter will be represented by a linear segment with a length equal to the sum of all sides of the figure represented freehand.

Start using Felicitous and DidaBoard now!

With our full-featured 360° communication environment, you can be sure that you will never be limited in the creation of your own communication worksheets. You can count on more than 600 ready-to-use or customised worksheets, and you will have ongoing support ready to meet your every need.

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