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Felicitous End-User License Agreement (“EULA Agreement”)

The Felicitous software does not require special basic requirements at the level of hardware and device characteristics.

It is compatible with major computers, notebooks or tablets, LIM and devices with Ms operating system. Windows 10 64bit, at least 4 Giga of RAM and 10 gigabytes of free space in the main partition, usually identified with the letter C, and at least one i3 processor (all features more than satisfied in every device on the market today).

For the download of the software and subsequent activation of its license of use will require an Internet connection, we recommend an ADSL or other type with non-metered data plan.

If doubts arise about the compatibility of your device, or for verification by technical personnel, support may be requested from the www.felicitous.it portal or by email to the felicitous@sitsardegna.it box or info@felicitous.it or via tickets.

Felicitous: below Application

License: unique serial that can be used on a single device for the activation of the copy of the installed Application and valid only for the installed Major release.

SitSardegna.it of Giovanni Angelo Pinna, sole owner of the Felicitous software: hereinafter the owner (Felicitous represents the trade name as chosen, also graphically in its logo).

User: User of the software licensed to use.


By installing and purchasing the activation license of the Felicitous software you accept the following license of use. If this will not be accepted, please delete any file associated with the software object of this from your device by proceeding to its uninstallation, if already installed, through a wizard with the Uninstaller or through Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs of the Ms. Windows utility.

The Application will be made available only and exclusively through our official channels and in particular:

– Application for OS Ms. Windows: portal www.sitsardegna.it or from this web portal Downloads section or, again, from the official portal of the distributor only if made available in its sole discretion;

– App for Android: Google Play Store (unique name App: Felicitous);

No other channel will be considered valid nor any malfunctions of applications installed as a result of downloads from unofficial channels, other than those listed here as well as those updated from time to time on the SitSardegna.it portal, can be used to retaliate, to any extent and manner, on the owner or distributor.

The Application will be subject to continuous updates: each update can be voluntarily installed by the user simply by downloading the latest installer released and starting the update process. The utility, in the type of Wizard, will perform the following procedures:

– Installation from scratch: if it is recognized that the software already installed is damaged or if it is a first installation;

– Update: if the software is already installed and regularly functioning by checks performed by the utility;

Outdated versions of the installer will not allow you to download, install or update the Application according to the latest published release.

The software activation procedure requires the presence of an active and usable Internet connection.

The license is perpetual, excluding those monthly subscription plans (Android App, access to the custom Cloud) and guarantees the user the possibility to activate and then use their copy of the Application object of this document. The license does not transfer rights to the software except the only right to use the same application. Each license will be valid to be activated on a single device.


By proceeding with the installation and download of the installation utilities, the user and user agree not to do and not to allow third parties to:

a) license or sublicense, sell, rent, lease, assign, distribute, transmit, host, outsource, disclose or otherwise commercially exploit the Application or make the Application available to third parties by copying.

b) copy, clone or use our Application for other purposes except personal and non-commercial (licenses for commercial and or business purposes must be authorized by the owner SitSardegna.it).

c) modify, decrypt, decompile or reverse engineer our Application, even in part;

d) use processes, including external ones, or carry out activities to circumvent one or all of our Application security services;

Changes to the Application

In the event that unauthorized activities are detected as in the previous point, the owner reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, the Application to the user and access to any service connected to it and to which it connects, with or without notice and at the same time the user relieves the owner from any surplus of any compensation claim.

Any technical support requested, following voluntary damage to the Application by the user, and aimed at restoring its operation will be granted at the sole discretion of the owner and, in any case, upon advance payment of the sum associated with the estimate relating to the same intervention that is requested.

Severability and customization of user licenses

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable or invalid, the owner reserves the right to modify it or to proceed with a customization of this license in order to reach a point of agreement with the user.

In this single case, the new license as agreed between the parties must be sent by registered letter with return receipt to the Data Controller and signed by the user, his guardian or AdS if unable to act independently on these routes, with a legible signature and attaching identification document.

Changes to this Agreement

The owner reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or replace this Agreement at any time by giving appropriate notice and publication in the relevant portal as mentioned above.

Any material changes will take effect from 30 days following the date of publication of the new License of Use.

What constitutes a material change will be determined at the sole discretion of the owner (by way of example only: switching the installation of the software from online to offline mode).

Software life

Obliged to follow the progress of software development and programming techniques, technological trend and evolution (hardware and software), given the particularity of the Application, the latter will have a guaranteed life of 3/5 years from the last update installed by the user or, in the absence of these, from its first installation as the last release by the Manufacturer (by way of example and not exhaustive: if the user has installed version 2.0.0 released at the end of 2021, the life of the software, as a result of technological progress and unless hardware changes or other software interventions in the user’s device performed by the latter, will be guaranteed until 2024/2026).

Updates on the current Major release may be suspended by the owner if, having evaluated the new basic requirements of the software and features of the update, these collide with those of the Major release that is updated.

In the latter case: a new version of the software will be released that may vary, even substantially, compared to the previous one. The user, in order to use it, will have to proceed with the purchase of a new license.

How to use and demo version

The user guarantees that the application will never be used for purposes other than those for which it was designed by the owner. By way of example: as a life-saving tool, as a tool to carry out illegal activities or to engage in non-respectful behavior, direct or indirect, and to the detriment of third parties.

The software has been designed and made available to offer everyone a training and communication tool that adapts to the needs of the individual user. Software should be understood as a tool that leads to growth and not to regression, oriented towards inclusion and not isolation.

The application, after its first installation, will be in demonstration mode valid for 15 or 30 days depending on the software installed. The mere activation of the purchased serial will guarantee the user a use without time limits.

Activating software or blocking software

The software performs automatic checks on the device on which it is installed and has been activated. This is to avoid any unauthorized use of the same. If one of these checks is successful, the software will automatically deactivate it. Each subsequent boot will be made impossible by always showing the “Activate License” screen. In these cases, the user may request free technical support in order to verify the causes and proceed with its reactivation if such deactivation falls within the consequences of a normal “technological evolution” (by way of example only and not exhaustive: substantial update of the operating system, substantial change of fundamental hardware of the same machine).

Software Add-on Modules

The software has been developed with a modular paradigm: the application is divided into independent modules that allow the software to work even without everyone being enabled / installed.

The use of additional modules is possible only after purchasing the relevant licenses (the user will not have to enable them in his software but will be automatically recognized at the next start confirmed the availability of an internet connection). Each module is closely linked to its own license (if the user has two licenses for two devices, the purchase of a module – single license – can be enabled on only one license of the parent software).

The duration of the modules, excluding those with an annual subscription plan, is linked to the life of the parent software as per the previous points.

Duration and termination

This Agreement will remain in effect until terminated by you or the owner of the Application.

We may, in our sole discretion, at any time and for any reason or without reason, suspend or terminate this contract with or without notice if there are activities, direct or indirect, to the detriment of the owner.

This Agreement will terminate immediately, without notice from us, in the event that you fail to comply with any provision of this Agreement.

The user may terminate this contract, without giving notice to the owner, by deleting the Application and all its copies from the mobile or desktop device on which the Application is installed.

Upon termination of this Agreement, you warrant that you will cease all use of the Application and you will delete all copies of the Application from your mobile device or desktop.

Violation of license and terms of use

The user who, unlawfully to bypass the purchase of a new license, makes believe that he has lost the use of the software due to physical damage to the device on which it was installed and activated the first time but which, after its activation on a new device, continues to use it on the old declared unusable may incur penalties and violations referred to in the copyright legislation as explained by the aforementioned legislation, that is, those who in an attempt to profit from it will be able to be punished with imprisonment up to 3 years and with a fine of € 2,582 up to € 15,493.

Technical assistance and personal training for use

The personal or group training offered is to be understood as follows:

Where included in the package: unless otherwise specified in terms of hours and modalities, the package includes 8 hours of training for a maximum of 10 participants per session. Each session of 2 hours minimum.

Assistance where not included or otherwise agreed: can be requested separately as a personalized additional package or through existing ticketing channels (assistance could be the subject of a quote if they fall within the cases of binding assistance).

Unless otherwise specified or agreed: the training is to be understood in the webinar mode through the channels that will be referred to the activation of the training package.

Unless otherwise described: technical assistance will be offered through the online ticketing system in the SitSardegna.it portal or in this portal in the personal area (upon registration of a private and free account) or by email (the latter only for problems of immediate resolution with 1:1 email exchanges. In the event that the problem will be considered complex, the user will be invited to register and use the online ticketing system).

If the problems need to be resolved by remote intervention, the day and time of the intervention will be agreed between the parties. It will be the user’s responsibility to make the workstation free and available to the technician who will be in charge of the assistance intervention. It will be the user’s responsibility any expense deriving from, by way of example and not exhaustive: Internet connection, replacement of machine hardware (including its peripherals) that cause any malfunctions of the software.

At the end of each intervention, a technical report will be returned on what has been carried out by the technician involved. If necessary to solve the problem, a separate cost estimate will be attached to be accepted in advance to obtain assistance.

The customization of the software (creation of new modules on the programming side and source code), in order to further adapt it to the needs of the person, will be made free upon purchase of the license to use the software and after verification of the feasibility of the requested module. The creation of modules that require the development of modules in their own right or considered customized will be the subject of a cost estimate.

Technical assistance will be offered during working hours from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and pre-holidays and, in any case, according to the calendar that from time to time will be updated in the sitsardegna.it portal and in this portal.

Burden of the user, who accepts and guarantees its implementation, to the installation of the software:

1. having read the information on the processing of personal data;

2. regular acknowledgment of any updates to these terms as possibly published on the web portal as mentioned above;

3. regular acknowledgment of the terms of contact as kept up to date on the web portal as mentioned above;

4. regular acknowledgment or request for updating for private channels (including WhatsApp at 070 79 66 557) of working hours and hours available for technical assistance;

Penultimate update: 11/2020

Last update: 11/2022

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