Packages and features - Felicitous & DidaBoard

Felicitous and DidaBoard, not just two software

These two of our series of activities, these two environments are not limited to being simple software where you can create a grid with one or more elements to click or touch to perform a certain action. They are much more!

With Felicitous and DidaBoard it is possible to study, play, grow even by making mistakes and then correct yourself in the next course of the exercise.

They are not two environments that offer the exact same screen, but they make each activity unique so as to avoid that each exercise is carried out to have memorized every step.

Felicitous H&S
Software for Ms. Windows
  • Perpetual License Home & Student
  • CAA Module - Light V.
  • Module for recreational-didactic activities - Light V.
  • Comunication
  • Games - Light V.
  • Major release updates
Felicitous PRO
starting from
  • Perpetual License
  • CAA Module
  • OCR module and digitizing cards
  • Module for recreational-didactic activities
  • Distance learning module
  • DSA module and educational activities
  • Robot Module and Home Automation
  • Registration form for educational and therapeutic activities
  • Access to the Cloud (share/download within 72h*)
  • Sharing didactic cards
  • Automatic synchronization of educational cards (school-home)
  • Saving and recovering exercises
  • Concept maps
  • Multilingual
  • Major release updates
starting from
  • Cloud access
  • Didactic activities
  • Sending exercises by mail
  • Conceptual maps
  • Multilanguage
  • Robots and environmental module
  • Save and resume exercises
Felicitous + Tablet
starting from...
  • 10", 12" or 13" tablet with Ms. Windows 10 or 11 OS
  • Tablet stand
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Shockproof case if necessary (for 10" or 12" tablet)
  • Touch pen
  • Perpetual license software Felicitous PRO version
  • Major release updates
Felicitous Support
Hourly support
  • Number of hours: 1
  • Remote technical support for software and Apps
  • AAC card creation support
  • Support for the creation of didactic cards
  • Training in the use of the software
  • L'assistenza viene offerta in modalità remota o, per le schede più complesse da creare, con supporto tecnico che provvederà poi al caricamento sul dispositivo alla sua creazione. Possibilità di definire piani di supporto personalizzati sulle singole esigenze (ad esempio per anno scolastico intero).
Felicitous software
for distribution
  • Version for companies with distribution purpose only (send application for registration info / access from the contact page)
  • Perpetual License
  • Customizable default modules
  • Major release updates
  • Technical support and training on the single license: 10 hours

Are you a company operating in the healthcare and communication sector? Have you created your own medical device, regularly registered in the national database of medical devices? Do you want to use our software by inserting it into your devices to allow everyone to access 360 ° communication and be able to count on a Help Desk service active 24 hours a day?

Contact us now, we have various packages dedicated to the distribution and resale of Felicitous software!

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